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Providing homeowners with the comfort they Deserve

Roofing companies in Texas seem to be a dime a dozen these days. Ridgeview was founded with the intent of providing best-in-class roofing for homeowners & commercial property owners.

RidgeView Contracting, LLC was created

The owner, Leighton Ashford II, first started working as an Insurance Adjuster in September of 2011. Throughout his career as an Insurance Adjuster, Leighton has worked many catastrophic storms and handled countless large loss claims for the largest carriers across the country.  Over the years, Leighton witnessed first hand the unfair claims practices performed by the carriers and adjusters. Most Insurance Adjusters do not have construction knowledge and refuse to work with the market professionals in order to restore homeowners to pre-loss condition.

In 2013, Leighton began helping contractors across the country who were struggling to work with Insurance Companies; eventually founding XactPlus, LLC. Combining both the knowledge and experience as an Insurance Adjuster and a Contractor, Leighton provided multiple clients with the ammunition needed to better work with the Insurance Carriers. 

Fast-forward to 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, RidgeView Contracting, LLC was created. Partnering with multiple manufacturers and service providers to not only ensure that repairs are completed effectively and affordably, but that every Insurance Carrier correctly allocates funds to ensure their policy holders safety during the repair process. Using Industry leading equipment for investigation and documentation, RidgeView provides each homeowner with the comfort in knowing their claim will be handled by the best. This knowledge puts every homeowner in control of their claim to ensure the Insurance Company never denies an honest loss and never undercuts your claim; forcing you to use lesser grade materials and lesser quality workmanship.

Great People. Amazing Company. Beautiful Roofs.

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